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IstheCITY is all about connecting people, entrepreneurs, and business with potential clients. We do this by clearing out all the clutter from traditional social media sites so that you can shine through.

Now is your time to shine. Create a Mini-Site or Event now.

About IstheCITY

About IstheCITY

IstheCITY is about promoting you, your business, your event, your talent or skill, your products, and services. Then help you get the word out to others in your metro area, visitors who are interested in what you have to offer, or anyone from around the world.

IstheCITY allows you to personalize your mini-site or event to if your personal brand. But is that enough? Does having the best-looking website guarantee success for your website? Of course not! What sets IstheCITY apart is that we provide a community of users on multiple platforms for you to get the word out. This helps bring potential clients to you. Other sites allow you to make pages and post, but the reality is your post and messages are just mixed in with the clutter and other advertising. Your subscribers will easily have the opportunity to view every single post you make, in the order that you make them. These features along with our virtual business cards, events, and other advanced features is why choosing IstheCITY as your brand partner the choice for you!

Personalized Branding

Build a page that focus on your brand, your mission, and the services that you offer.

Metro Connect

Link your mini-site to local metro areas where you can be found by people who want to connect with you.

Follow & Subscribe

Potential clients can subscribe to your site to recieve messages and update from your without all the clutter.

Clients Communication

Share your virtual business cards and communicate directly with your subscribers in a variety of ways.

IstheCITY Members

IstheCITY Members can subscribe to mini-sites and events to get updates. Members will also be able to collect virtual business cards, contact mini-sites and event owners, leave comments and endorsements and share with others what events, mini-sites or promotions they like.



Get Listed For FREE

You brand will show up in the metro community where people in your area can browse and find you and your brand.

Personalize Sections

color, branding, logo, bio, photo gallery, portfolios, testimonials, call to action, virtual business card and more...

Advanced Options

Get a personal domain, keywords, search engine optimization, mobile phone optimized, and personalized forms made just for you.

IstheCITY Hosting

IstheCITY Hosting

Sometimes a Mini-Site just isn't enough. Hosting a website gives you the keys to the car. E-Commerce, custom looks, databases, custom coding or content management systems like Wordpress can all be taken advantage using IstheCITY hosting.

Hosting a website has a plethora of benefits and options. It can also require a depth of knowledge and can be intimidating at times. We can set up and design your site for you, the way you want it.

IstheCITY Hosting


Create a Mini-Site to connet your website, social media, updates and more to the people in your area.

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Create a dynamic events page to allow others in your area to find your events.

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Personal Page

Keep up-to-date with mini-sites and events that you follow.

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Other Services

IstheCITY Decal


Stickers, Car Magnets, Wall Decals, Window Decals

IstheCITY Apparel


T-Shirts, Screen Print, Embroidery, Polo shirts, Hats

IstheCITY WebDesign

Web Design

Personal E-Mail, Hosting, Web Design, SEO, Mobile Phone App

IstheCITY Event Planning

Event Planning

Weddings, Parties, Celebrations, Events

IstheCITY Signs


Box Signs, Yard Signs, Coroplast Signs, Door Hangers, Advertising Flags, Retractable Banners

IstheCITY Promotional


Banners, Roll Up Signs, Door Hangers, Post Cards, Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Pins

IstheCITY Stationary


NCR Forms, Letterheads, Pens, Pencils, Business Cards, Table Runners

IstheCITY Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Logo, Flyer Design, Business Card Design, Step and Repeat, Graphic Design

IstheCITY Notary


Mobile Notary Service

IstheCITY Photography


Event Photo Booth, Headshots, Events

IstheCITY Videography


Events, Commercials, Greenscreen

IstheCITY Coaching


Small Business, Events Consulting

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Contact Us

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